The motivation behind The Sligo Festival 2016 is to develop a sustainable Festival of scale and quality, a Festival that we can all be proud of and that we can enjoy together. So grab a friend, a colleague, a family member and come dance, listen, paint, watch, taste, enjoy and most of all LOVE your Sligo Festival.

The Sligo Festival has come together as a collaboration between a broad range of teams in Sligo including Tread Softly, The Summer Festival, The Sligo Races, The Western Development Commission, Sligo County Council and many others.

Sligo has a very rich culture that touches all of us in some way. We have tried to present as much of what is great about Sligo in this year’s festival with events such as large scale outdoor concerts, a dedicated family day, theatre fixtures and guided walks around the county. We really hope that there is something here for everybody.

To all the people and organisations that collaborated on this festival, we love you and we thank you for your support. To everyone that we did not get to or feel they were left out, please get in touch and let’s do something together next year.